wtorek, 31 maja 2011


/\ this is bidvartiser AD !!! not google AD

Hello today i have day for rest. i go fishing in a river.i do nothing special i was on tv.Did u watch Requiem for a dream ? its really good movie.So watch it :).i watch mtv soo much today. battle of the bods is rly good program :)

poniedziałek, 30 maja 2011

Hello :) thx for follow my blog, its rly nice :). Today i was swiming in pool ,and run in Forest. So i'm tired. i make ABS trening before go sleep.tThis school was boring today, we do nothing just been in classroom's ;/ i go take a shower now CYA :)

niedziela, 29 maja 2011

About me :)

Hello my name is Damian and i'm from Poland. i like horror and comedy movie's.i love game's. i play League Of Legend my favorite character is Kassadin and Warwick(i build him like off tank). And i play CS 1.6 on COD MOD :) if u wanna play with me just say that in comment i'll post IP of CS server or PM me on League Of Legends mine nick: Escco now i must go to my friend byee :)